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Write a Letter to the White House . . . . maybe not.

Contact the White House I was sitting here this afternoon thinking of some of the stuff that ail our Country and I thought, I’m going to write a letter to the President and tell him how I feel about things and … Continue reading

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Conservatives in Alaska

Conservative Choices for this Election Year (2010) Senate: Joe Miller Representative: Don Young Governor: Sean Parnell District F: John Coghill District 11 Tammie Wilson No on Bondmeasures saves Alaskans money. Only Judges worth hanging onto are: Blankenship Hamilton MacDonald

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Chinese Professor – 2030 One has to wonder what our Nation’s future will look like if we don’t turn things around.  I think our out-of-control spending is a 2nd order effect of the moral decline.  Morality and financial success often roll hand-in-hand.

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Blinded – What would you do?

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Party on Obama, and the Minions who Worship Him!

Don’t stop now, keep that Party going Obama, just a few more weeks!

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Attack those “Pakistani Safe Havens” and Don’t Stop Until They’re No Longer Safe Havens!

We gave over Three Billion Dollars in United States taxpayer money to Pakistan in Fiscal Year 2009.   In today’s WSJ there’s an article highlighting some controversy about CIA efforts to disrupt the Haqqani network in Pakistan’s Waziristan tribal areas … Continue reading

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Decision to Adjourn “Passed by Only a Single Vote – That of Nancy Pelosi”

Public dissaproval ratings of Congress currently hover around 70% with around 10% being unsure. Disgrace – that’s how I’d describe the majority of those in Congress right now who have decided to adjourn with so much unfinished business.  Noonan wrote another outstanding piece describing … Continue reading

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