SGT Bowe Bergdahl

Four years ago, Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban.

He currently remains the only U.S. military Prisoner of War.

Take a moment today to say a prayer and think about him and his family.

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Jason Mraz – in the Philippines

Not a fan of MTV. But, I ran across this program they put together with Jason Mraz about human trafficking in the Philippines and thought it was definitely worth highlighting.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson – National Prayer Breakfast

Worth the 20+ minutes of your life you will invest if you watch it. Our country’s in trouble and he’s not afraid to face some of the challenges in front of us.

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Ban Guns – Be Like England!

America’s Future.

The only people who follow gun laws are law abiding citizens.

You don’t have the ability to defend your own life in England. You go to jail if you try, and criminals are let free.

Remember Tony Martin!

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Planned Parenthood – Almost a million abortions in 3 years

Did you see this article?

The business is murdering babies, and business is good – and the American taxpayer is paying 45% of this company’s profits.  

Planned parenthood received $542 MILLION dollars in taxpayer funding.  Cancer screenings and prevention services have dropped 29% since 2009 at Planned Parenthood clinics and contraceptive services have dropped 12% since 2009.  

I used to wonder how “good people” could have tolerated human slavery for thousands of years and all of it’s cruelties.  I used to wonder how “good people” could tolerate a government and population actively involved or complacent with the holocaust going on in their communities killing off six million Jews in Europe or other countless genocides around the world.   

I don’t wonder about that stuff anymore.


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Hobby Lobby – Taking a Stand for Freedom

Saw a letter regarding the company, Hobby Lobby, that is forced to file suit due to the Obamacare requirement to provide insurance that covers abortion pills.  

It’s rare these days to see politicians, and corporate CEOs stand by their core believes and choosing to honor their God when the laws of the Country violate God’s laws.  It’s refreshing.  

Way to go David Green!

Freedom and Constitution loving Americans stand with you!

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Did you hear about this movie theater shooting in Texas?

I just read about this movie theater shooting in San Antonio Texas.  

Guy shows up and starts shooting, off-duty police woman shoots back saving untold scores of people.

I guess it didn’t complement the main-stream media’s propaganda and Feinstein’s agenda so it wasn’t big news.

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