“Peaceful” Leftist Loons in Print Media

Saw an Opinion piece by a “Kaul” in the Des Moines Register discussing “solutions” for the tragedy at Newton to include threats against Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and I’m reminded about the absolute hypocrisy of many on the left. These types of leftist loons masquerade under false claims of tolerance and peace, when they advocate violence and anarchy.

It’s amazing to me that the Des Moines Register still sells enough papers and advertising to stay in business with loons like this writing for them.

Also saw a piece about a paper in New York publishing the names and addresses of everyone in a town who have registered their guns. Crazy, to think a paper would do this giving criminals an opportunity to target the defenseless and an opportunity to attempt gun theft. Why any newspaper would publish the names, addresses and personal property of individuals is beyond me. And some people seriously have to wonder why there shouldn’t be a gun registration program in the United States.

I see and hear about stuff like this and I can hardly believe what modern American journalism has resorted too. Evidently, there’s nothing but a bunch of leftist loons running print media throughout the Country.

Spend a few minutes and leave a comment on some of these circus newspapers about how you feel.

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