Decision to Adjourn “Passed by Only a Single Vote – That of Nancy Pelosi”

Public dissaproval ratings of Congress currently hover around 70% with around 10% being unsure.

Disgrace – that’s how I’d describe the majority of those in Congress right now who have decided to adjourn with so much unfinished business. 

Noonan wrote another outstanding piece describing the change to come.

How can our Congress leave Washington D.C. without finalizing a budget?  The current Congress and Administration has successfully imposed the biggest fiscal disaster on our Nation, with no end in sight.  It’s amazing that we haven’t succumbed to massive inflation and another depression like scenerio.  In spite of the rabid spending binges and inability to get contro  l over the spiraling economy, they’ve decided to hit the campaign trail?!


Peggy Noonan is good at what she does, for the simple reason that she reports reality.  She observes, what’s going on, reports it and gives an accurate assessment of what it all means.

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