10 Reasons to not re-elect President Obama

Sat down a few minutes ago and thought I’d jot down a FEW of the reasons to not ever consider voting for Obama again.

1. Most pro-abortion President in history – if human life doesn’t matter, what does?
2. Economy – $16,000,000,000 in debt and running $1TN+ deficits every year with out-of control, nonstop spending with 8+% unemployment.
3. Failure to keep his promises
4. Obamacare – scary to think of what else may come down the pipe over four more years….
5. Justice Department and Administration Fiascos – too many to list, “Fast and Furious”, Stopping the Canada-Dakota Keystone pipeline, Failing to Secure the Borders, and the list goes on….
6. Corrupt Investments – Solyndra, Bank and Auto bailouts
7. Diminishing the strength and moral standards of the military – getting rid of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for starters…
8. Obama reversing welfare reform passed under Clinton and moving us closer and closer to a socialistic state.
9. Foreign Policy – what is the US foreign policy? It’s a complete and utter disaster made most evident by the fact we lost an ambassador (first time in 29 years!) and 3 other great Americans in Behnghazi… Even another Obama apology tour won’t be able to restore foreign confidence in the United States. The day after the attacks, Obama was on a plane to a fundraiser….Bush would have bee crucified for this. To me we’re clearly less safer today than when he came to office, and that’s even after keeping the Patriot Act in effect…
10. Our Nation and our Country will likely be facing the largest most difficult decisions in history over the next four years and we need a leader who will help get out focus back on the Constitution and what made our Country great. Obama, plain and simple just isn’t that kind of a leader.

I don’t care how many more smooth teleprompter speeches he gives and you trying to guilt me into voting for him because he’s black won’t work either. The content of one’s character matters, not the color of one’s skin – someone great once said that and I agree.

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