Unions Destroying Cities Across America

Ran into an interesting article on Bloomberg discussing the fiscal mess in the city of Stockton.  Due to slick Union deals, over 90 retired city workers are making of $100k a year in RETIREMENT PAY and If you completed ONLY ONE month’s work as a city employee, you and your spouse would be “entitled” to lifetime 100% healthcare.

“In nearly every municipality, employee pensions are being prioritized over libraries, parks, street maintenance, health care and public safety.” Americans have to stop the madness and wrestle control of the public and business sector from these parasitic unions which are destroying the prosperity, wealth opportunities and freedoms in cities across America.

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One Response to Unions Destroying Cities Across America

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    Painful decisions await many of the cities in this article. The primary responsibility lies with the decision makers who enacted the laws years ago, but the people who were elected after that time bear responsibility as well for not taking action to fix the problem – if you see someone running towards a cliff, you have a responsibility to warn and stop them.

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