Great Kagan Article – “Why the World Needs America”

Mr Kagan brought up some great points in a recent article (Why the World Needs America) in the WSJ.

Kagan states the “international order is not an evolution it is an imposition. It is th domination of one vision over others- in America’s case, the domination of free-market and democratic principles, together with an international system that supports them> The present order will last only as long as those who favor and benefit from it retain the will and capacity to defend it”

I have no doubt in my mind, that a militarily and economically strong United States is best for the world. If we can effectively exert force around the world defending our interests, the principles that made America great will have an affect on the world in which we live. If we lose the desire, will or capability to do so due to nut-job politicians who think it’s in our best interests to stand aside and let the Chinese, Russians, Indians or others attempt to control the helm with their values and interests – not only will America decline in influence, but the world will become a less-stable and less-free place.

America needs to get it’s house in order, so it can remain a vibrant force to be reckoned with for generations to come. Things weren’t exactly chipper when the Roman Empire collapsed, and they won’t be again if America continues to morally, economically and militarily weaken.

I might have to get Kagan’s book The World America Made.

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