NYC is Going Communist!

Mayor Bloomberg is not letting churches use empty school buildings.

Nuts to read about New York City Mayor Bloomberg not allowing churches to meet in public schools. The humanistic paranoia toward Christians is getting worse and worse every year. It’s a shame, that the humanists running New York City weren’t more tolerant and accommodating to taxpaying citizens who would like to use the facilities they are ultimately paying for. Furthermore, the city was charging these non-profit groups rent which was generating millions of dollars of income every year for the City.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg needs to reverse this decision if he has any hope at least the semblance of a city that embraces multiculturalism and most importantly religious freedom. The insanity of the left continues to baffle.

Some of these churches would meet in the poorer neighborhoods and buroughs providing hope and help to hurting communities ravaged by gangs, drugs and poverty.


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