What happens when Society doesn’t value human life?

Saw a shocking video out of China today that was initially quite startling.

A child gets run over twice by a van and numerous Chinese bystanders walk, ride and drive by without doing anything to help a toddler. This is a human being we’re talking about. This is a small, helpless child who gets run over and nobody stops to help. After considering what could cause this to happen the only thing I could conclude is that this reaction could only be possible if people don’t value human life.

I look at China, and that is exactly what we see. We daily hear of a dismal human rights record. People are daily killed in poor working conditions and most significantly, children are killed by the millions every year in forced abortions through the implementation of China’s “one child” policy.

A society that doesn’t value human life, has no conscience and a video like this coming out of China shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

Is this where America is going?

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