Nothing wrong with homosexual parents raising kids . . . . Really?

Crazy Article

In California, there’s a lesbian couple who are subjecting a boy to hormone treatments to prevent him from going through puberty so he can decide when he’s older if he wants to be a boy or a girl. If this isn’t child abuse, I’m not sure what is. These “parents” should have this child taken from their custody and they should be prosecuted under current child abuse laws.

This is no different from parents wanting to castrate or give their child a hysterectomy, just because the confused child wants it. Of course a child growing up in a homosexual home is going to be confused and have all sorts of identity and psychological issues.

This is what many homosexuals are pushing on the rest of society and accusing heterosexuals of not being open-minded or tolerant enough if we don’t put up with their child abuses. Just when you’ve heard everything in our degenerating western society, you hear of something like this.

What’s next?

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