Our Economy Sucks, our Moral Fiber is Disintegrating and our Country Suffers!

All you have to do to start getting pissed about our Country’s economic situation is to look at the basic numbers and recently, 9.1% unemployment and 10% of the stock market value lost in 10 days with a negligable bounce-back.  Not to mention DADT is on it’s way out the window in the military and the Obama Administration refuses to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

We all saw this coming when those of us put our votes with the current Socialist, and his Party running the country.  There’s no limit to the fearmongering they’ll resort to even if it means trying to label those in the “other party” as terrorists.  Obama has been fiscally gutting our Country, almost single-handedly destroying economic innovation, attacking the very moral marriage fiber that provides the basis for any healthy society, and continuing to take our Country toward the pending cliff.

$1.5 Trillion Deficit this year alone added to the $14.5 Trillion Debt we already have and no end in site.

Of those who earn $250,000 a year – if the Federal Government took every dollar they earned this year above $250k, it would still only equate to $800 BN a year.

The American people are starting to wake up to the Cult of Obama.  Hopefully, America stops trying to digest any more of his Kool-Aid before it’s too late.

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