“It’s the Economy, Stupid!”

Look around.  Obama’s biggest threat to him getting re-elected is jobs, plain and simple.  The economy sucks.  A recent WSJ article lays it out pretty well.  Unemployment is close to 10% and even if the economy managed to miraculously turn around tomorrow and start producing 350k new jobs a month, it would still take until 2016 to bring unemployment numbers below 6%.  Clinton defeated Bush Sr. because of an avoidance of confronting a mild recession in 1992.  The power of the Obama persona will only take him so far, but will it be enough to get him over the hump in 2012?

Obama’s got to do one of two things, either figure out a way to pull the wool over American eyes again, demonize the Republicans, and impose a collective guilt trip on Americans that if he doesn’t get their votes, they must all still be racist, bigoted, or lacking intelligence; or he’s got to figure out how to turn the economy around.  My guess, he’s likely to go with the former . . . and the drooling media will of course do the best they can to help their faultless idol…

Crazy thing is, he’s probably still got a good chance of winning given the intelligence of the average voter and the simple fact that more Americans watch “Dancing with the Stars” or “American Idol” than the number of Americans who vote on election day.  Many of these Americans are the ones who flock to Obama and faithfully serve as his Minions.  The slobbery, rabid attraction to him by the droves of American youth who voted for him in 2008, reflects on the simple fact that suave, telempropteresque speeches seasoned with youth, charisma, guilt trips, empty slogans and warm fluffy feelings define all one needs to win a modern day Presidential election.  Forget the economy, education, real health care reform, balancing the budget, keeping taxes affordable, protecting America’s future, and defending the moral and social values that make our Country the greatest Country on the face of the earth.

Bottom line, unless he fixes the jobs problem, he could still very well win, but will not win by the cultish urban numbers we won by last time….  We remain the greatest free Nation on the face of the planet, and as, such we deserve exactly who we’re stupid and brainwashed enough to re-elect.

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