Rove’s Thoughts Going Into 2012 – And my Opinion

Read an interesting opinion piece by Karl Rove in the WSJ claiming that Obama is on the way to defeat in 2012.

I don’t know if I buy it.  I think he’s going to continue to try to grant citizenship to illegal aliens.  If that goes through, with n anticipated 14 million illegals living in America today, if he can harness their voting potential he may still have a chance.  Not to mention, the media will get the propaganda press running full speed ahead indirectly claiming that if you don’t vote for Obama you must be some kind of racist, who hates black people, hispanic people, or even gay people however absurd that sounds.  Nuts when you really pause and think about it.  The Obama regime and elements of our “cultrually correct” society that we live in seem to even equate “being gay” as having the same status as being a “racial minority” and the Democrats seek to capitalize on this idea every way they can.

The first step to any kind of recovery in this country is to throw this clown out of office.

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One Response to Rove’s Thoughts Going Into 2012 – And my Opinion

  1. Carlos says:

    I like this blog. Enjoy reading.

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