California – What a pathetic state of affairs!

A great post in the “American Interest” blog about why California may be a lost state with no viable option, but to break up and decentralize into smaller governing entities.

A Few Compelling Points:

What kind of a state would foster an environment that would naturally burden a penal system to the point that a recent Supreme Court ruling may require the release of 30,000 prisoners . . . ?

California has one of the worse business climates in the Country ranking 49th or 50th in recent business rankings.

In 2008, California spent more than any other state in public education, but ranked 49th in reading achievement and 48th in math

“Californians pay more to and get less from their state government than anybody else in the civilized world.”

The sixth highest tax burden, but the largest State budget deficit – $254 BN.

California has the 2nd highest gas prices and possibly the worse traffic.

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