As Inflation Sets In – Blame the Government

Everyone knows that inflation is coming.  Price of oil, food and event Toyotas are going up due to a weakening dollar.  The printers at the federal reserve continue to print billions of worthless paper money and countries and people continue to purchase our debt, but for how long is anyone’s guess.

Look no further than our federal government to see the cause of inflation.  We spend more than we take in, and there is no end in sight to un-budgeted federal spending.

OBAMA’s added more debt to the American taxpayer than all Presidents from Washington to Reagan COMBINED! In a recent day, federal debt went up 72 BILLION dollars while Congress was trying to pass a budget that would save 6 billion.  Nuts!

Anticipated budget deficit for this year’s budget is expected to be around 1,300-1,500 BILLION (1.3-1.5 TRILLION) DOLLARS, and Congress is debating about cutting 6-60 Billion dollars.

Congress is fighting over the bar tab on the Titanic and most Americans don’t have a clue!




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