Shut the Printers Down!

It’s time to shut the printers down at the Federal Reserve.  Most Americans are slowly starting to see it, but the Party of Harry Reid won’t admit it. 

The Republicans aren’t exxcempt from blame.  They still don’t have the muscle to make the necessary changes to fix the budget.

We have a budget deficit projected for THIS YEAR ALONE to lie around $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS (= $1,500 BILLION Dollars).  The best cuts proposed are a measly $60 Billion Dollars and these cuts are being fiercely resisted by Harry Reid. 

It appears our Country may be fiscally doomed?

Where are the leaders?  The absence of real leadership in the White House and in Congress may very well destroy our Country during this critical time.

What can we do?  Prepare your personal family for the hard times to come. 

The writing is on the wall.  You’d have to blind not to see it.

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3 Responses to Shut the Printers Down!

  1. Dillon says:

    Absolutely insane.

    Rand Paul actually proposed legislation that would but $500 billion from the budget…..he received no support. He has now reduced his proposal to eliminate $200 billion in order to seek support from somebody….just somebody. Hopefully he is not backing down, and in no way should he vote to eliminate a measily $60 billion. The cuts have to make a difference…besides even $500 billion is not enough. I agree, Sunrise in America, the writing is on the wall, we are doomed.

    • That’s nuts. Amazing to see the insanity in Congress right now.
      What are we not seeing?

      How do some of these Congressmen/Senators think we’re going to balance the budget and get government spending under control without making cuts . . . ?

      What are the rest of us not seeing?

  2. BattleBlue1 says:

    We need someone with the cojones to tackle social security and medicare/medicaid and welfare. When we deal with those behemoths then it will be time to deal with the many other hydras in the federal government.

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