American Public Education System – Can it Work?

The public education system in America is in bad, bad shape.

Collectively, as American taxpayers are propping up a failed educational system across America.

Look no further than the Washington D.C. opportunity scholarships for the type of reform that is needed to improve public education.  These $7,500 taxpayer scholarships saved the educational lives of impoverished minority students in the Washington D.C. area.  Unfortunately, due to the high-level lobby efforts of the NEA and other TEACHER UNION GROUPS these scholarships were revoked.

According to 2007-2008 numbers it costs over $24,000 to educate one student in the failed public school system in Washington D.C.  The Los Angeles Unified School District spends over $29,000 per student according to 2007-2008 numbers, and has a dismal 40% graduation rate!

The National Education Association (3.2 million teacher Labor Union) has the power to destroy any attempt to reform public education – and they’re using that power to do just that to protect their own selfish interests!

It’s always been a mystery to me why it is so difficult to find out exactly what public school teachers are making in a district and it is super-easy to find out exactly what all military personnel make – just Google Military Pay Chart.  If the American taxpayer is paying someone’s salary, that person’s salary should be fully disclosed and available to the American taxpayer.  Let the American taxpayer determine how much is appropriate for the job public “servants” do.

What’s wrong with school choice?

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