Type in endofamerica22.com in your browser and click “go”.  If you haven’t taken an hour yet to watch this video you may find it of interest.  If you don’t have an hour, take a few minutes to read a synopsis below (because I let myself sit in front of my computer for an hour listening to his pitch).  Check out this dude’s investment website: http://www.stansberryresearch.com/

Sit back, do something different and listen to this explanation.  It explains the impending crisis that is resulting from our national debt.  Be skeptical though.  He seems to do alot of fearmongering, but he’s good at it.

According to this producer the only reason we haven’t seen the full brunt of this crisis is because we keep printing dollars . . . . . and amazingly people keep using them.

The only reason we haven’t seen this yet, is because the world is still using the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency.  When we purchase oil countries use “U.S. dollars.”  It’s interesting to hear of China reducing their dollar holdings.  Apparently, China peaked in their U.S. dollar holdings in 2009 and have been having meetings with other nations periodically to discuss transitioning to a “basket of currencies” to use as a new reserve currency.

It’s no secret that states such as California, New Jersey and even Arizona are facing bankruptcy.  42 million people (roughly 13%) in the United States are on food stamps.  The average American family has a credit card balance of $8k.  The author of this talk discusses startling parallels to other nations such as Yugoslavia, Greece and Iceland.  There’s also a narative of what happened in Great Britain during the 1970s when the world left the Brittish Sterling as the nation’s “reserve currency” at the time.

The author talks about the “normalcy bias” and how people don’t change because they believe that things can’t change.  Apparently, many of the Jews in Nazi Germany fell into this.  Others who fell into this “normalcy bias” include many who were living during Hurricane Katrina.

If only part of what he’s saying is true, we need to prepare our families individually for the crisis to come.

Recommendations of the author:

– Get some of your money beyond the reach of the United States Government (and out of U.S. dollars).

– Buy as much gold and silver you can reasonably afford.  He predicst gold reaching $5k-$6k an ounce in the next couple of years.  There’s an interesting talk on the 16 to 1 “silver ratio”.

–  Learn the “100% secret” (I’m skeptical of this idea / very vague).

–  Own some “asset” that is supposedly really, really valuable and guarantees great returns . . . . this is very skeptical and leads me to think he could be a quack.

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10 Responses to EndofAmerica22.com

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    The things he saying appear to be true. The investment advice appears to be sketchy. The question is what is the real risk of the worst case scenario he puts forth right now? If things are going to be as bad as he says they are, then the Mormon 2 year food supply and hefty stockpile of ammo are what is needed.

  2. Dillon says:

    Have not listened to the video but wanted to comment and say that many countries are already using other currency for major trades. China and Russia now buy and sell oil and other commodoties using their own currencies. JP Morgan, I believe, or maybe Goldman Sachs, I cannot remember, now accepts gold as collateral on some transactions, demonstrating that many more people are waking up to the fact that gold is money. Also currently under current law states cannot declare bankruptcy. There is pressure from some to make this allowable but states do not want that to be a option.

  3. sean says:

    The trouble our country seems to be in makes sence and most of the financial advice as well I know several people that have transfered most or all of there investments into forien accounts. Also why do you think these companys are buying all you used or broken jewelry gold and silver are and have always been a forgoten curency but this mistery investment just sounds fake and the fact that he is trying to sell it also looks bad unsure (sounds like property to me). Dunno but something needs to be done.

    • You’ve got to make personal financial decisions to protect yourself and your family. Not too feasible to affect change nationally right now until this situation escalates further.

      I don’t think putting all your investments in foreign accounts is wise.
      Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

      I definitely don’t see anything wrong with putting a percentage of your emergency fund in precious metals, but I’d keep it less than 10% of your net-worth. I’m definitely not a financial advisor, I just try to apply common sense to the chaos going on in our fiscal system.


    • Dillon says:

      Why do they want to buy your used and broken jewelry? Because they pay you pennies on the dollar of their actual value. (the actual metal inrinsic value) You can buy kits to start your own “parties” like a Mary Kay party of sorts. You buy stuff at a huge discount and resale it for a profit.

  4. bigclam says:

    Stansberry has been at this for a long time. For all you that bought gold, let me ask you this “What are you going to use it for?”
    A hedge?
    Against what, the collapse of the dollar?
    And so, what is your PLAN to redeem the gold?
    Into what?
    Coconut shells?
    Do you think that any other currency will be any better if the dollar collapses?
    What is your end objective?
    To buy what?
    How will you set a redeemable price?
    Would you trade it for food?
    Well, if that is the case, then why not just BUY FOOD?
    At least you have something that is a KNOWN QUANTITY, not an unknown like gold. Honestly, can you tell me what gold will be worth to you in a financial collapse?
    You can buy the k-rats or MRE’s that cost a bundle, but think about this: find a bulk food distributor and buy dried beans IN BULK. Also, elbow macaroni, peas, protein powder, powdered milk, marinara and other sauces, gallon jugs of water, a big camping propane-fired cook-top, propane bottles, etc.
    Nothing perishable or refrigerated or fresh.
    Get it?
    Pack it all in NEW 5-gallon buckets with tight fitting lids with NEW ziplock plastic bags.
    If I were you, I wouldn’t TELL ANYONE that I had it (hungry people are crazy people).
    If “the end” of the dollar is coming, you still need to eat!
    Can you eat gold?
    What would you buy with the gold?
    Maybe that guy with the BMW will trade you the GOLD Rolex on his arm for a bag of beans if he gets hungry enough!
    Think, before reacting to “end-of-the-world” pitchmen.

  5. mohawk4 says:

    If this is true, our only resolve is to give america back to the native americans, who we stole the land from

  6. anthony torres says:

    if the american dollar isnt going to be worth anything then why is he accepting them as payment instead of euros, franks, soles, pesos, yen my gold watch or silver chain lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. killer seabee says:

    some parts of mexico already accept the euro

  8. s.kay. says:

    Dose anybody know what this guy is trying to sell?

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