Obama’s Plan to Reduce the Budget . . . America is still waiting!

Remember a year and a half ago when the President of the United States proposed $100 million dollars in budget cuts?

While Americans continue to wait for substative budget cuts, lets remember how much of a difference a “measly $100 milion in cuts” would not have made in reducing our national budget deficits.  Under this current Administration and the leftist Senators ruling the roost, it looks like we’re just as unlikely to make a difference in our National Debt as we were before the November elections.

Saw a video that helps put into perspective the gargantuan budget numbers that get thrown around in our media and the political pundits.

Have you stocked up at Costco yet . . . ?

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2 Responses to Obama’s Plan to Reduce the Budget . . . America is still waiting!

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    Wow. That visualization is the best I have seen!

    No I have not stocked up at Costco yet. We only have Sam’s Clubs here…

  2. Dillon says:

    The 100 billion the Republicans propose is just as laughable. Most cuts proposed are not even real cuts at all. They are reductions to current planned increases. So they claim they are cutting by not spending as much as they would have. What a joke. Cuts should be less than what was previously spent.

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