Autism Caused by Vaccines – Seriously?

Why do people believe that the mental disorder autism is caused by vaccines? I think it’s because of a small series of fraudulent quack doctors who have skewed facts and data to support their own self interests.  I hear this argument arise every now and then that getting vaccinations cause autism.  Good to see that it’s getting debunked as nonsense.  CNN did a short study today taking a critical look at the alleged vaccine/autism Wakefield study link.

Vaccinations aren’t exactly healthy in the near, and possibly medium term.  Some may be pointless and part of the a broader institutional medical profiteering scam, but seriously, to think that some may cause autism . . . . ?

Think of the parents who don’t vaccinate their children to measles, whooping cough, mumps, rubella and other diseases due to fears that they may contract a mental disorder.  Families in the western world are reverting to physical health standards of the third world . . . with a notion that they are protecting their children from a “mental disorder.”  It’s no secret why some of these once-controlled/treatable diseases are coming back in the United States, not to mention the porous borders and almost non-existent security measures which allow people to pass almost freely across our borders.  One can’t dare make any logical connection between our porous borders and an increase in communicable diseases without immediately being labeled some kind of racist or bigot.  Facts don’t matter anymore, just emotion, and not hurting anyone’s feelings and accommodation in the name of tolerance all the leftist nonsense continuing to perpetuate itself in the media.

I’ve never understood the thought processes of some people, but I’m concerned that many children die, and are dyeing unnecessarily in AMERICA, because their parents buy into this particular “conspiracy theory.”

You couldn’t pay me enough to willingly get the six-shot Anthrax vaccine that military often have to get, but that’s a different story.

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One Response to Autism Caused by Vaccines – Seriously?

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    Well, when there is a study in the Lancet that purports that there may be a relationship, that is something to consider. When mercury is used as a preservative agent for something you are injecting into your body, that is something to consider. The cumulative effect of getting 8+ separate viruses injected into your body at one time is something to consider, especially when a child is minutes! old.
    Tell me, is your child going to be at risk of working in the sex trade or sharing needles for intravenous drug use within minutes after birth? Why do they need to have a HEP-B vaccine so soon? How long does that protection really last them? What are there titter counts 10 years later?
    I agree with you that spurning inoculation is foolish, but there are risks and benefits to be considered as well.

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