2011 – Time to Start Preparing?

If so, what should we be preparing for?

Hyperinflation?  Deflation?  Economic recovery?  Market Instability?  What’s more likely given what we see in all around us and in the news?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for way too long and I think now is the time to start preparing for rough-times ahead.  Our National Debt clock keeps rapidly ticking $14+ trillion with no end in sight.  Out of control Obamacare expenses anicipated along with burdgeoning costs in Social Security and Medicare expenses.  America’s getting weaker and weaker under this current Administration as it continues to harm the American people on multiple socio-economic and military fronts . . .

Over 10% of the work-force continues to be out-of-work depending on government unemployment checks, which are paid with debt owed to the Chinese.  Cotton costs are expected to go up 20-30% by this summer.  Gasoline is anticipated to reach $4+ a gallon this summer.  Not trying to push paranoia here, but the immediate future is yet to look bright in the near-term.  I anticipate it will look alot brighter in the medium term, once our economy and debt margins “reset” but that will take a default and major correction that our Country has never seen.

May make a trip to Costco tomorrow to pick up a few cases of canned fruit, beans and some big plastic bags of rice.  Can’t hurt I suppose, as long as it’s something we’d eat anyway, before the stuff expires in a couple of years.

Looked at buying some silver American Eagles tonight.  Read some internet reviews of some precious metals companies and APMEX appears to be fairly reputable along with Bullion Direct.  Haven’t purchased any yet, but thinking about it.

I think I may consider silver/precious metals as another investment and start dollar-cost averaging some purchases over the next 12 months. 

What will happen if in 2011 it ends up costing $100 for a loaf of bread or a gallon of gasoline?

Am I bringing to the table things we should be concerned about, or am I pushing paranoia?

Ran across a 1950s era $1 bill a few days ago and on the top where the modern $1 bill says “Federal Reserve” the 1950s bill says “Silver Certificate” and underneath the “One Dollar” it states “In Silver Payable to the Bearer on Demand.” 

Wow! Man have times changed?

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One Response to 2011 – Time to Start Preparing?

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    Much of what you talk about is unknowable at this time. Are hard times ahead? Yes. What kind of hard times will those be is the unknown. Perhaps I will have to start carpooling if gas goes too crazy. Perhaps my $600 budget amount for healthier organic food will be untenable if food goes up 66% like some say it will.
    What is a constant that will remain is family. Investing in your family will build the base that will sustain through the hard times. Improving communication, learning to fight fair, getting a good handle on present finances are places to start.

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