Cat’s aren’t Human – Someone needs to figure out how to tell some cats

We have friends who are taking off for the Holidays and knew we liked their short haired tabby cat so asked us if we’d keep an eye on him.

Their cat is awesome in the fact that it’s so un-catlike.  Everytime we go over to their house the cat would amble up to us not like a dog, but almost like another person.  He would come up to you and start trying to have some kind of conversation with you.  It was almost as though he thought he was human.  He seemed so human, that our friends even taught the cat how to use the toilet – no joke.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun by having him come over to our house to see how he’d interact with our female long-haired cat. 

The moment he was brought into our house and made eye-contact with our cat it was like he had an identity crisis.

It was like he suddenly realized he wasn’t human and was overcome by a deep sense of betrayal causing an immediate emotional/psychological break-down. 

Well, our friend’s cat has been locked in the bathroom since arriving here and still growls and hisses at us when we try to get close to it. 

Not sure how much longer he’s going to be bitter, but we’re hoping he’ll conquer his personal insecurities by Christmas.  In the meantime, we’re enjoying the fact our cat is very content in being a cat.

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