Some want US Military to follow the Mighty Belgian Army . . . .

I watch the news and occassionally I hear the argument that in the French or Belgian Armies it’s ok to be openly homosexual and wear the uniform, so why shouldn’t the United States military follow suit . . . . seriously?

Have we lost our minds!?!?

The reason the United States Military is the most effective fighting force on the face of this planet is because we have physical, mental and moral standards that are the most stringent in the world.

Well as some of us strive to be like the Belgians, it’s good to see there are still some real leadership in Congress and the military who aren’t compromising our Nation’s Defense for the sake of political expediency. 

Thank you John McCain, General Amos, and others who haven’t forgot the fundamental purpose of our combat forces is to win in combat.

Looked at an Army Times today and read the article bragging about how a “plurality” of military service-members believe getting rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will be no big deal.

I read further only to discover that to the following question:

“If ‘Don’t ask, Don’t Tell’ is repealed and you are working with a service mebmer in your immediate unit who has said he or she is gay or lesbian, how, if at all, would it affect your immediate unit’s effectiveness at completing its mission in a field environment or out at sea?”

[B]The Following Responded NEGATIVELY:[/B]
67% of Marine Corps Combat Arms
58% of Army Combat Arms
and even
50% of Coast Guard Aviation

. . . . so I guess the opinions of those in our Combat Arms who are actually directly waging combat don’t really matter . . . . ?

I thought the fundamental purpose of our Armed Forces was to to win in armed combat . . . .

Where on earth are the leftist politicians and non-combat military leaders taking our National Defense ! ? ! ?

All I can say is what a testament to the weakness of some of the senior civilian and military leadership, specifically Secretary Gates (no wonder he’s retiring – I would too), Admiral Mullens and Admiral Roughead.

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One Response to Some want US Military to follow the Mighty Belgian Army . . . .

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    But don’t you know that war is politics by other means? Of course, that same Army Times stated that there are 46000 homosexuals now serving in the military. I am not sure where they got that number. Anyways, it still amazes me how this 2-4% of the population can have the political voice and sway that the homosexual community has now. Political correctness is such that we will change policy and standards to avoid “offending” someone and supporting their invented rights. The essential military question is: is this good for military effectiveness? The answer to that is no – not for good order and discipline, not for the moral support of troops via the chaplains, not for recruiting and retention since no one wants to get stuck in a small FOB for a year with a meatgazer by choice as a battlebuddy. Do you really think that an infantry company or a Ranger company will respect a gay commander as much – survey says NOT.
    If I was benevolent dictator, I would repeal DADT too – and replace it with the previous blanket prohibition.

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