Americans Standing Up

Noonan wrote another great piece.

I travel on flights occasionally.  The majority of the time, I follow the herd and do what needs to be done to get through security and on to catch my flight.  It’s interesting to see the backlash that the TSA people are facing due to the body scanners and the increase in the number of intrusive pat-down screenings for those who don’t want the pat-downs.

It shouldn’t be surprising that it pisses people off.  The average, every-day American has to undergo these inconveniences all because our security representatives haven’t taken the necessary steps to identify possible “threats”.  The unwillingness and paranoia associated with possible “profiling” results in everyone having to be inconvenienced, violated and/or “molested.” 

The Israelis face terrorist threats every day and their predominant airline takes a totally non-intrusive approach to security that has worked very well in assessing threats.

It takes some guts and a whole lot of common sense to resolve issues that we face in our society on a day-to-day basis.

But, as I saw in a recent bumper sticker – “I’d rather be a conservative nut-job, than a liberal with no nuts and no job”

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One Response to Americans Standing Up

  1. BattleBlue1 says:

    In this arena, the Israelis have it right. We avoid doing something like this precisely because of what is referred to as civil rights. Another article, on Prison Planet, I believe, mentioned that the TSA is providing government security for an essentially private function. If we are private citizens, conducting business with a privately owned airline, I think the airline should be held responsible for my security. And ultimately the airline has it in it’s best business interest to provide GREAT physical security for its customers otherwise people won’t fly with them any more. If Delta had the lowest prices, but got blown up twice a year, I don’t think hardly anyone would fly on them any more. They couldn’t give tickets away…
    All this to say that it really is the airline’s responsibility, just like it the football stadium’s responsibility to provide a safe venue for the fans.
    Or should we start having TSA there too…

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