Bottom Line – She Abandoned Conservatism

As Lisa Murkowski is trying to figure out how she managed to lose an election, she should reexamine one simple trait that she lacked – conservatism.

Something we all need to be reminded of from time to time:  “If life doesn’t matter, what does?”  She’s pro-abortion.  Due to her unwillingess to stand for the most vulnerable and helpless in our society she deserved nothing less than to lose.  Due to her willingness to consider socialized medicine and her historically mediocre desire to protect the 2nd Ammendment she deserved to lose.  The NRA also needs to get it’s priorities figured out.  How could they have forgot their own ratings of her before she was appointed to the Senate?  Their recent endorsement of Mukowski over Miller has made me reconsider membership to such an organization.  There are other more conservative organizations that stand for the 2nd Ammendment.

While looking good around Obama may have been posh off and on over the past two years while the Country was fuming with “Bush-Hate” it didn’t bring dividends.  Nobody can stay in the Senate forever. . . not even Uncle Ted.


Now that you’re leaving all the elitist Obama worshippers and returning to the one state where common sense, rugged individualism and respect for the Consitution reign supreme I hope you take the time to appreciate the fact that there are still “Joe Millers” out there willing to step-up and fill the void when our leadership fails the cause of conservatism.  Senator elect Joe Miller is not immune to this concept.  He and all of his friends should take note – if you abandon the cause of conservatism, if you abandon the cause of freedom you’ll get thrown out of office.

Good luck Lisa in your future endeavors.  I hope you can find another way to serve our State.

–  An Alaskan Voter

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