Do we know him? Does he know us?

Another great article by Noonan discussing the disconnectedness of Obama.

As time goes on, the American people are starting to wake up to the simple fact that we elected a man to the highest political office of the land, who simply should not have been elected to begin with.  We were so brainwashed by the media telling all of us how racist of a nation we have always been.  We were continuously reminded of how we finally had the opportunity to elect the “first-African American” President and we collectively had such wonderful warm fuzzies as we went to the voter booths.  He was different.  He offered hope.  Hope for what, didn’t really matter – he was different from President Bush and that’s what mattered.  After all, Bush was a liar, a dummy, had moral principles, didn’t depend on a teleprompter that would make him look so suave and charismatic.  Bush got us into a War.  Obama was a peaceful community organizer with such wonderful peacefully benevolent organizations such as ACORN.  After all, that’s real leadership!  He had real friends!  He was a real person who we have all been waiting for here to restore respect amongst all civilized nations in the world.  What better way to do that than to tour the world apologizing for everything that ails the world as the fault of the United States.  We were now the great nation we had always dreamed we’d become….

than we started to wake up.  It’s been 19 months.  As we start to look around we realize many of our friends and neighbors are still collecting unemployment checks while losing faith – not just in their government….but more importantly, in themselves.  We can’t figure out why Russia and Iran doesn’t do what we tell them and the western world doesn’t back us up.  We can’t figure out why people are still being massacred along our southern border and our military is about to go into a moral and ethical crisis.

We don’t recognize Obama, simply because we’re starting to realize that he’s never recognized us . . .

He doesn’t know who we are . . . and he doesn’t care.

The sun is slowly starting to rise.  Slowly starting to shine on our faces.  Slowly starting to wake us up.

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One Response to Do we know him? Does he know us?

  1. Dan says:

    We don’t recognize him because he is not of us. He has helped us see that through his actions. And I agree, he doesn’t care who we are.

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