Heroes of Lima Company, 3rd BN, 7th Marine Regiment

Response of a Marine who survived a sniper attack:

“I feel blessed,” he said. But he also felt guilty for leaving his comrades. “I want to be out there with everyone else,” he said. “It’s not fair that I’m alive and in here, and they’re still out there.”

– Lance Cpl. Derek Simpson

That love for your brother’s-in-arms is to great to be an expression of survivor guilt.  These guys are nothing less than heroes, and I thank God they’re out there keeping the fight against Islamic extremism in places like Afghanistan and Iraq vs. Times Square, NY or Los Angeles, CA or anywhere in-between.

As we live our day-to-day life here in the States, punching the clock and counting the days until weekend beer and football – let’s take a moment to reflect on the simple fact that we have Patriots overseas fighting on our behalf.

If someone’s naive enough to think that these same terrorist butchers would not bring the fight within our borders, they’re stupid enough to let himself forget the attacks on September 11th, 2001.
Freedom loving people must keep killing terrorists over there before they get over here. With out porous borders, we all know they’ve tried and continue to try.  One dead terrorist in Afghanistan is one less terrorist who can eventually get into the United States to butcher civilians within our own borders.  The brutality of narco-trafficking, human smuggling and organized criminal gangs controlling our Border region will pale in comparison to the sheer civilian butchery that could follow with the the mass penetration of organized Islamic extremists.

And, if you think this fight will end when we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan you need to look no further than the origins of the Wahabist movement and the methodologies it continues to perpetuate around the world.  Failure of western civilization to commit to the long-term success of this multi-generational fight will lead to the continued restriction of personal freedoms and the eventual destruction of freedom loving people’s around the world.  This won’t end in our generation, unless we roll over to the toxic calls for multi-culturalistic tolerance in every venue of society. If we do so as some wish we would, then we’re done . . . finished.

Don’t think a radical Islamic terrorist will celebrate diversity, religious tolerance and the empowerment of women when he gets established here.  If you want to start seeing what the family values of an Islamic extremist look like, look no further than a recent August Time magazine cover.

Thank you to those in Lima Company!  Keep up the good fight.  Some of us aren’t ignoring what you’re doing “over there.”  Kill as many terrorists as you can.  Our grandkids may appreciate that someday, but if nothing else it will increase our likelihood of seeing grandkids.

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