Modern-Day Martyr (Dr. Tom Little)

A man named Dr. Tom Little and nine others were massacred a few days ago.

When you hear of a Muslim martyr, you often hear of it in the context of a homicidal bombing claiming the lives of innocent civilians.

When you hear of a Christian martyr, you often hear of an individual who peacefully and lovingly died for the cause of Christ.

I’ve seen in numerous places throughout the internet and in the mainstream news disclaiming that they weren’t proseletyzing.  Not sure exactly the depth of these points, but it confuses me when I think about it.  Why are Christians so looked down upon, if they attempt to share their faith.  Muslims, agnostics, and atheists (absolutely a religion) share their faith every-day, but aren’t criticized for it in the mainstream media, nor should they.

It’s abundantly clear from all the reporting concerning this incident that they weren’t proselytizing, but let me ask, what if they were proselytizing?  What if they were proselytizing on behalf of Jesus, Mohammed, or for the sake of secular humanistic atheism?  What if they were handing out tracts everywhere they went when they were restoring people’s eyesight?  What if they were telling everyone they met that Jesus loves them?  Would that in some way, shape or form invalidated the sacrifices they were making on behalf of the brutalized people of Afghanistan?  Would that have somehow lessoned the value in the humanitarian aid, eyesight, medical care, education and business opportunities they provided?

It’s obvious that we can’t give the Muslim extremists any propaganda to use against innocent civilians, but philosophically what would have been so wrong to begin with, if these aid workers happened to mention that “Jesus loves you” to the people they were helping?  Nuts – the insanity of the world that we live in can drive you insane.  The arbitrary haters of religion are as bad as those who hate within their religion!  Some religions provide hope, encouragement and inspiration for their followers and the people their followers affect.  As such, this provides an excellent stabilizing influence in any society.

In the case of Dr. Tom Little, you’re dealing with a person who dedicated his professional life bringing eyesight and eyecare to an impoverished, brutalized  and suppressed people.  He could have pursued a much more lucrative career-path and retired ten years ago spending the rest of his days golfing in Maui like so many of his peers.  Instead,  he’s been reaching out to meet the physical needs of Afghanis decades before 9-11 ever happened.  Just as the Lord Jesus Christ did – he was taking care of the physical needs of the people.  What better way to show the love of Jesus – one healing, one loving touch, one blessing at a time?

And for no apparent reason – he and his colleagues were brutally murdered.

To the families of Dr. Tom Little and those who were massacred with him – my thoughts and prayers are with you during this period of incomprehensible grief.  I look forward to meeting Dr. Tom someday and others who gave their all following the simple, yet profound example of Jesus.

Visit the International Assistance Mission (IAM) site at:

I never heard of this organization until I heard in the news about the recent death of the 10 aid workers.  Now, we’re thinking about donating $5o to restore the eyesight of an impoverished Afghani.  In memory of Dr. Tom and his fellow colleagues.

“Witness at all times; if necessary use words” – Francis of Assisi

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