Drivers License anyone? . . . and I do mean anyone.

Why are some states giving driver’s licenses to non-U.S. residents?

I thought when a state gives you a driver’s license, the state is giving you authorization to drive on the byways and highways in that particular state.  I’ve always liked to think that you had to be a legal resident to get and maintain a license – I guess not.

Furthermore, isn’t a driver’s license an official legal document which provides at least some semblance of legitimacy to the holder?

So, if somebody was born and raised in Guatamala (for example) and showed up in Washington, Utah or Arizona with a U.S. stamped passport he can cruise into one of their DMV offices pass their tests, pay their fees and walk out with a Washington state driver’s license.

What happens six months after his Visa expires when he gets a speeding ticket in Oregon on his way to his new California apartment?  My guess, absolutely nothing!  You better hope those California bureaucrats are properly processing those voter registration documents and checking that “made up or stolen” SSN when he shows up to register to vote.

I don’t know, it just doesn’t make any sense to me why some states extend such privileges to non-residents.

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One Response to Drivers License anyone? . . . and I do mean anyone.

  1. Thoughtfull says:

    I have seen non-resident workers get licenses to use for an identification. I live in Alaska near a cannery that has many foreign workers. If they want to go to the bar to get a drink they have to bring their identification. Carrying around a passport versus caring around a license is a simple choice. They don’t want to end up trying to get to the closest embassy (Los Angeles perhaps?) to file for a lost passport.

    Trust me. I had to do it in a foreign country once. It isn’t fun.

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