Bombing Iran

You have to wonder what’s going on when General Dagan of the Mossad is visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  I think most argue that bombing Iran is no longer a question of “If?” and probably not “Who?”, but rather “When?”.

Read an article this weekend’s WSJ that breaks down the current political dilemmas currently facing the major players in the Middle East.  For someone like me who doesn’t get in the weeds of Middle Eastern political complexities, it ironed things out pretty well.

By the way did anyone hear about the Israeli officer who was allegedly sniped by Lebanese Hezbollah?  Might be a good time to get out to “cut the grass” again.

Bottom Line Up Front: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many in Lebanon see Iran as a bigger threat than Israel.  The article implies from recent reports from the Israeli press and the Times of London that plans may be in the works to fly over Saudi air-space to take out critical targets in Iran.

The Obama Administration needs to make a decision here – Neutralize Iranian nuclear capability while preparing for the inevitable Middle East political fall-out.

Whatever happened to the mantle of international leadership that Americans had to look no further to find than the White House?  The Administration’s more concerned about keeping and promoting homosexuals in the American military ranks than doing something substantive about the developing Iranian nuclear crisis.

It’s already clear to most that the Administration doesn’t have the stomach for any military or diplomatic efforts which will paint his regime as anything less than a benevolent, pacifist, socialistic bureaucracy committed to the cause of international political conciliation.  Since Obama’s not willing to take care of Iran himself, he’s got to get over what’s to come and prepare for dealing with a new round of international kowtowing and Middle East man-kissing.

He’s had lots of practice and appears to enjoy doing it.

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