Another Senate Fiasco

Well, another radical pro-abortionist, anti-military, pro-homosexual agenda leftist was let on the Court.  Its disappointing (but expected) to see a lack of any resemblance of scrutiny on the part of the Senators who confirmed her.  All the more reason to start cleaning out Congress in November.

Given the fact that she has NO judicial experience it’s obvious to the American People (at least those who care enough to pretend to pay attention) the only thing that mattered to most of the Senators who confirmed her was that she adhered to their leftist political and social ideologies.

Politicians outright ignored her efforts under the Clinton Administration to promote partial birth abortions.

With the chaos in California and the fiasco Senate confirmations, our national moral conscious is eroding faster than anyone can believe.

Is this the beginning of the last, great moral plunge?

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