“…illusory calm before stern storms.” – Noonan

Peggy Noonan wrote yet another great piece in today’s WSJ.

At this time, America’s future isn’t looking bright.  The financial, moral and international standing of our country is passing through a dark hour.

Are we witnessing the makings of a secession?

Can things get turned around?

We are witnessing the beginning of the great economic and moral decline of America – all under the reign of a greatly charismatic leader. The American people were so willing to be deceived for the sake of warm fuzzy feelings and the agendas of their elitist leftist Senators. This “pandemic tide of diseased social and economic change” may finally start losing it’s momentum.

We elected a man to the highest office of the land not because he was well-qualified, but because he left us all feeling like we had some how reversed racism in our Country. Of course the leftists are going to appoint Kagan and people like her to the Court – experience doesn’t matter: kow-towing to the Party agenda does.

It’s no surprise that the Senators have stood in line like good pawns of the regime, because if they didn’t, they would have been labeled as sexist, bigoted or outright disloyal to the party mantra. In recent months the will of the American people and protection of our Constitution has taken the back seat to the personal agenda of the leftist elite running our country.

“Hope, Change, Believe” – Let’s start getting us back on track in November.

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