Why Vote….?

Heard about Judge Vaughn Walker (if you can call him a judge) throwing out the will of the people.

What’s wrong with having some moral standards in our society?  It’s insane to me to see so many people argue that you are more moral, if you don’t have any morals.  I don’t think tolerance counts as a moral.  Tolerance of immorality is not moral.

I think moral standards are essential to the sustenance of any society.  Drawing a line at some point and saying that certain behaviors are unacceptable make sense.  The question is what do you base moral standards on?  To me it only makes sense to base our society on the moral structure that has sustained the United States since before it’s inception – Judeo Christian values clearly articulated in the Bible.

The comparisons that allowing homosexuals to marry is equivalent to integrating African Americans in our school systems is insane.  By the way – can someone tell me what gene predestines humans to being homosexual?  I was once taught that there was a scientific method which is used to corroborate information as being truthful or false.  Yet to see any scientific research conclusively demonstrating that homosexuality.

I guess what this fiasco in California is teaching the constituents is that there’s no reason to vote.  You can vote on something, but if a special-interest group gets a whacked-out judge to buy it’s agenda that judge will throw out whatever the voters decide.

I think our society is about to nosedive.  We’re slipping and it’s only going to get worse.  It’s not like it’s happened overnight.

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One Response to Why Vote….?

  1. Dillon says:

    Yes, why vote? States rights are not being upheld. A few weeks ago Arizona was told they could not implement their own rules, and now the same goes for us. Years back we were told states cannot ban abortion. States need to fight to regain their rights. What is not delegated in the Constitution to the federal government is to be left up to the states to decide……whether it be best or not.

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