A couple of days ago another IED went off in Afghanistan taking with it the lives of two American heroes: CPT Jason E. Holbrook and SSG Kyle R. Warren.

I went to work that day.  It was a pretty average day working my 8 to 5 job.  Had dinner with my wife and sister-in law after work and met with some friends that night.  At some point during my very average day, these heroes left this earth.

As we punch the clock in our own small way every day while living in the U.S. of A., lets pause and take a moment every now and then to remember that there are truly great Americans sacrificing on our behalf to ensure that the fight is kept over there, and not in our shopping malls, highways and schools.  Anybody who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan can tell you that the same terrorists who are killing our troops overseas would love nothing more than to kill innocent civilians here at home if they could.

Thank you Jason and Kyle from a freedom-loving American.  Our gratitude is of little or no condolence to your families during this time, but I thank you.  May the Lord in His infinite Grace and Mercy provide comfort to your families as no human can.  May your sacrifice never be forgotten!

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