GM – Taxpayers Propping Up a Failed Corporation

Obama continues to tout his socialization of the American auto-industry as a success.  It’s crazy when one takes a look at the US auto-industry over the past sixty years. Following WWII, the US actively rebuilds Japan and Germany. American automobiles during this time were top-notch muscle cars that set the standard for automobile performance and customer satisfaction around the world.

Nobody could compete with the United States.  We were the world leader in automobile manufacturing quality and customer satisfaction well into the 70s.

Then we gradually realized that we weren’t competitive.  It wasn’t overnight.  We gradually succumbed our industry competitiveness to the socialistic demands of the UAW.  Our federal government continues to prop-up a non-competitive, union-controlled corporation to the detriment of the American taxpayer.

The money that Toyota is saving on labor is going back into the technology and marketing that keeps their product on the top.  When GM continues to produce an inferior product while paying it’s auto-workers significantly more than Toyota and others, our companies will not regain the edge.

Bottom line – Unions in our country continue to destroy American competitiveness.  You can’t blame an American consumer for not wanting to purchase an inferior product.  Every American wants our manufacturing employees to make a decent wage, but it can’t happen if our product is inferior in quality and price to the international free-market standard.

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One Response to GM – Taxpayers Propping Up a Failed Corporation

  1. Dillon says:

    Buy quality, …not American! Agreed.

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