Improving American Education….in spite of Teacher Unions

Read an article in the WSJ a while back and have meant to post a link for it.

$6,300 – national average for what is spent per child in the American education system

$14,300 – spent per child in the Washington D.C. education system

8% – percentage of eighth graders performing at their grade level in math in Washington D.C. in 2007

How in the world can we, as the greatest civilized Nation on earth be spending over $6,000 per child in the public education system and still have such horrendous results?

If you control something, you’re responsible for it.  Undeniably, the public school teacher unions have nearly absolute control of the American public education system.  They and they alone are responsible for the downfall of our international dominance in the field of primary and secondary education.

It’s good to see there are still leaders out there in this Country, who find America’s children worth saving and are willing to take on these corrosive entities.  It’s good to see there are still people who put principle above financial self interest.  When school district supervisors makes more money than some state governors we have nearly insurmountable problems.

We need more Michelle Rhees in America.  Our children’s futures depend on it.

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One Response to Improving American Education….in spite of Teacher Unions

  1. Dan says:

    I think that the main issue is money. Hear me out. Where does the money come from? The national and state governments is where I understand the majority of funds come from. So he who pays the piper calls the tune. If the money were raised solely at the local level, with local elections and control, then there would be more accountability for results and schools would be more responsive.
    I think that the unions and federal government have gotten involved with the schools because of $, and if a community wants to take control back of their children’s education, they begin by taking control of the dollars.

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