Wrote a Letter to the President

Wrote a letter to the President, the Governor, and my Congressmen this weekend. 

I continue to hear about the violence in Mexico bleeding over into the United States.  The day I wrote the letter an article was published in a California newspaper describing a recent set of grissly murder/decapitations in California’s Central Valley connected to political conflict in Oaxaca Mexico.  The murders took place on or about May 28th, and were reported in July 4th’s Monterey County Herald

When will the madness end? 

July 4th, 2010

Dear President Obama,

In recent years I have lived in Arizona and California.  I have seen first-hand the challenges facing our Nation with regards to rampant illegal immigration and cross-border human trafficking, drug smuggling and other illegal activity.  I grew up in California, but due to the slow regression of personal liberty, I have become an Alaskan resident.  The extraordinarily high taxation, limitations on countless personal freedoms, religious environmental activism, continuous legislative attacks on the traditional family, and the rising costs associated with rampant illegal immigration and out-of-control burgeoning state pensions, has forced me to leave.

There isn’t a more appropriate day than the 4th of July, to reflect on what must be secure in order for the United States of America to remain the sovereign Nation it is.  I am writing this letter to you, to ask that you do everything within your power to secure America’s borders whether they be those with Mexico, or those with Canada, securing our borders as a Nation is instrumental in protecting our national sovereignty.  Lately, I’ve been disappointed at the lackluster efforts by our federal government to enforce current legislation already on the books that was designed to secure our borders and refine legal immigration procedures.  Granting amnesty to people who have entered our country illegally or stayed beyond their legally authorized stay is not an acceptable solution.

Almost every day, I read of the violence in Mexico and elsewhere and hear about it starting to bleed over into the United States.  Our porous borders undeniably contribute to the drug trade having an affluent market available for drug smuggling.  The best way to shut down the illegal drug market and associated cross border organized criminal activity is to secure our border.

I applaud the efforts of the State of Arizona in the recent actions of Governor Jan Brewer in getting something done about a problem affecting her state, which the federal government is failing to resolve.  On a state level – every state needs to do the same until you and the rest of the Federal Government can fix this problem.  Why have you not deployed the necessary numbers of troops to secure our southern Border?  In my opinion, securing our immediate border is a more important mission than what is taking place in Iraq or Afghanistan.

America is watching closely and hoping that you and Congress take the concerns of Americans seriously in the days, months and years to come.

Thank you for your time.

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