McChrystal’s Out….Now what?

It’s always been known that the Rolling Stone is a sorry excuse for journalistic prose, not much better than the National Enquirer when it comes to reporting facts while respecting the subjects.  It’s anybody’s guess why McChrystal and his boys loosened up their tongues to anyone affiliated with a magazine so heavily saturated with anti-military and pro-counter culture hippie sentiments as the Stone.

Bottom line – McChrystal and his staff supposedly spoke frankly about what’s been going on with the command and Afghanistan, and purely because of him sharing his thoughts he got canned – not because he lacked any of the necessary skill-sets needed to successfully lead the Afghan Campaign.  If Obama wanted someone to worship him and play kowtow politics, he didn’t find it in McChrystal and I doubt he’s going to find it in Petraeus.  Fortunately, Petraeus won’t be interested in improving reader circulation of the Rolling Stone.

One thing’s for sure, if the Generals calling the shots in Afghanistan and Iraq don’t start standing up to the aberrant policies and goals of the Administration with the military at home and abroad…nobody will.  Everyone knows (to include Afghanis) that we’ve got to get out of Afghanistan.  The challenge facing Petraeus involves redefining success.  An exit strategy focused on leaving a stable pseudo-democracy in our place is simply unrealistic.  One suggestions involves us identifying the most powerful anti-Iranian tribes and figure out how to empower them to counter Iranian encroachment.  The Iranian regime needs more detractors now that Iraq isn’t what it used to be.  The West’s interests should be looking more at not what’s best for Afghanistan, but what’s worse for Iran.

Stability in Afghanistan shouldn’t be our principle aim, as long as instability there best suits our interests.  Managing chaos isn’t fun or pretty for the cameras, but a little chaos could go a long ways in keeping Iran, Pakistan and China on their toes.  In the meantime, as long as we can keep our target development rolling and fluid intelligence flow, we could come out ahead.

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