Teacher Unions Destroying American Education

Saw an interesting article posted on Yahoo news about Colorado’s attempts to institute some basic (very basic) reforms.  Colorado is trying to pass a law linking tenure to teaching performance.

Let me say that again – some in the Colorado legislature are working to link teacher performance to teacher tenure.

Two things:

1. Why on God’s green earth do elementary and high-school teachers get offered tenor to begin with.

2. Why on God’s green earth are these reforms not implemented across the Country already.  Is the education system that much under the control of teacher unions, that teachers can’t be fired for simply doing a poor job teaching?

Another thing that continues to baffle me is the sense of entitlement that some teachers have.  Just because teachers have high level degrees, doesn’t qualify them to teach.  You can have all the letters behind your name imaginable and be a horrible teacher.

Every public paid position across America should have all the pay and benefits clearly available to the common, every-day, taxpaying citizen to let him or her decide what is the right amount of money to pay our teachers.  As a Nation, why are we submitting the education of our youth to the coercive agenda of the teacher union.

Does the teacher’s union truly have the student’s best interests in mind…or the teachers?

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2 Responses to Teacher Unions Destroying American Education

  1. Dan says:

    The reason why teachers get tenure at the elementary and HS level is because they can get away with it. There is no good reason why a teacher below college should have tenure, and not a really good one at the college level.
    The reason teachers unions were formed is to benefit the teachers. If the public purse gets in the way, oh well. The sad thing is that increasingly children get the short end of the stick – the very people the teachers are supposed to be helping. But if you look at the standardized test scores and the ability to do basic math and read, many teachers and schools are not “helping” much at all…

  2. Garbanzo Beans are Destroying America says:

    Yeah. Try: “Teachers’ Union.” You managed to get all the variations except the right one. I highly recommend asking a teacher for some help. Oh… right. Nevermind. Destroying America.

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