“Morally Hollow Military”

It appears with all the plans of the Administration and Congress to go forward with revoking the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy, the current political regime in America desires that our military vanquish a very important standard in maintaining good order and discipline.  By moving forward to legislate change before the military has had ample time to study the effect and impact, our government is taking huge risks with our national security.  This is a perfect example of Congress putting political expediency in front of what is best for America.

This is against the will of those currently serving in the military.  In February the results of an “Military Times” poll were released and 51% were opposed to revoking DADT.  Another 20% were neutral or declined to answer.

The values our military hold dear are intimately connected with Judeo-Christian moral standards that have secured the successful development of our Nation and contributed immensely to its extraordinary defense.  It’s fully expected with the expected revocation of DADT, the moral decline will continue.  Some may attempt to argue that morality should have no place in the military – especially moral rules that have been established throughout the Judeo-Christian construct.  Things have great potential to get far, far worse, before they ever get better.  I anticipate that adultery, lying, and possibly stealing may also be considered activities that have minimal or no UCMJ consequences.

With the increase in sexual assaults over the past several years in the military, there are serious concerns about the implications of allowing homosexuals to openly advertise there orientation.  Especially, with the increase of male/male sexual assault cases that have been reported in recent DOD studies

Center for Military Readiness has conducted some good analysis on this topic.

Here is one of several articles available that took a religious approach to this issue.

Comparisons of promoting homosexual expression, to that of promotion of racial diversity is driving many Americans nuts.  Last time anyone checked, you are born with a genetic skin pigment predisposition, that you had absolutely no control or say over.  The argument that you are “born homosexual” is yet to be verified by any reputable genetic research.  There is no genetic predisposition clearly identified in such behavior or inclinations.  Many of our Grandfathers were involved in the racial integration of our Military and Society.  Many of them, undoubtedly are turning in their graves to hear such outrageously ridiculous comparisons that are so easily propagated throughout our media.

If you’re opposed to this Administration’s bid to get rid of DADT, tell the Pentagon what you think.

Americans, especially Americans in uniform, demand leadership in Congress and the Military to NOT acquiesce to such a radical socially aberrant agenda.  The Senate must hear from civilians and military alike who find these anticipated changes unacceptable.  Take five minutes to write your Senator before its too late.

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