Write a Letter to Sherrif Dupnik

Recently, Sherrif Dupnik from Pima County Arizona wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal criticizing his own governor for going forward in checking status of people pulled over by law-enforcement officials. 

Someone recently wrote a letter to Sherrif Dupnik in response to his unwillingness to support Governor Jan Brewer.

Sheriff Dupnik,                                                                                                        6 June 2010

I saw your opinion piece printed in the Wall Street Journal.

Not too long ago, I used to live in Sierra Vista, Arizona and spent time travelling in Pima County and elsewhere in Arizona.  I saw with my own eyes the challenges of dealing with illegal immigration. 

Since moving to California, I’ve seen the problem compounded with the realization that our southern border is merely a gateway to the gangs and drugs, and various crime activities that have too-long been affiliated with illegal immigrants in this part of California and throughout our Country.

To say the least, it’s disappointing that you don’t support your Governor in taking a stand against this only-increasing problem our Country faces.  Rather than creatively adapting and looking at ways to assist in the enforcement of federal legislation, you’re “passing the buck” back on the Federal government.  It’s common knowledge that there needs to be comprehensive immigration reform from a Federal level, but true leadership demands that we take responsibility for our “lane” in protecting this Country in any way we can.

What will happen if US citizens stop providing there license and registration when asked for it by law-enforcement officials, since it’s not being required in your county and others if someone is suspected of being an “illegal immigrant”?

A Nation whose law enforcement officials refuse to enforce the laws and take efforts to defend against foreign intrusion whether it be against the private home, or the country as a whole, will cease to be a country.

I encourage you to support your Country, support your State by supporting your Governor and look to other Sheriffs such as Sherrif Joe Arpaio for examples of strong leadership taking a stand to protect the future of our Country.

Thanks for your time in reading my letter.


A great-grandson of Legal Immigrants

You can take a few minutes and send a letter to Sherrif Dupnik yourself.

Or tell Governor Jan Brewer how you feel.

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