Hello world!

So it begins.

I’m just one American.

I get up in the morning, shave, then get in the car to drive to the gym.  Come home for a bowl of cereal, kiss my wife goodbye, pick up the Wall Street Journal, then to work where I sit in front of a computer most of the day checking my email, typing up projects and overseeing a small group of instructors for a small school on the West Coast.

At some point around noon, I’ll drive to Safeway to get a sandwich, and listen to some radio before heading back to the office.  The highlight of my work-day typically revolves around the few interactions I have with students walking around the halls.

After I get home, I hang out with my wife and we’ll occasionally have friends over for barbecues.  Weekends are spent traveling around or visiting and most Sundays involve going to church for an hour or two in the morning.

In spite of the seemingly mundane nature of my life, I love it.  I love my God.  I love my family and I love being an American.  We don’t know how good we got it, until we start looking around or do a bit of traveling.  I believe we live in a truly exceptional country.

We’re blessed.

I believe it’s not by accident.

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